What are yours thoughts about a Map Editor

Please share your opinion about what are you expecting about a Map Editor.

Advanced Map editor with scripting allows for, not only fun maps, but sometimes new game modes made by players. Why not have it?

I still remember that age of mythology first person shooter xD

I love that I can create my own map :slight_smile:

An advanced map editor could vastly increase the lifespan of AoE4 and could even make up for a lot. :slight_smile:

I’ve played Warcraft III a lot with friends, but almost never the actual game. I don’t even like the game that much, but the huge amount of very diverse custom content kept us playing for years. :lol:

I’m raising the bar: I want a random map script editor. B)

A map editor similar to that of AoE III would be great. I just like to mess around and make huge battles, so making it easy to copy/paste lots of units quickly is a must.

A neat feature would be to make a simplified system for making computer-controlled “armies” do things like charging. The system in AoE III is very time-consuming

The map editor is one of the best things from Aoe series, so they have to add this function.
Accidentally I voted for 1, but I also would like to have an advanced editor with custom scripts and assets.

To not include a map editor in a core AOE game would be heresy of the most vile order, and would be pretty indicative of a plan to DLC-milk the game.

Offcourse a map editor should be included