What beats the Indian ranged elephants 🐘 in AOE3:DE?

We were swarmed by the ranged elephants :elephant: and didn’t know if they were considered artillery or cavalry?

My brother and I and his 2 daughters were playing against 4 AI enemies and we couldn’t destroy Akbar’s Castles fast enough. They would pop up and elephants would swarm out. We couldn’t figure out how to effectively down the elephants without ignoring the castles and vice versa. It was fun and crazy but knowing their weakness would be helpful! :laughing:

They’re light cav and artillery and they function like a mortar/culverin. So they’re good at sieging buildings and sniping other artillery.

They lose to everything else. Your best counter is probably skirms and/or goons.


They were tough. They took out our cannons, cavalry and infantry. I think they were Exalted Seige Elephants or maybe Mansabdar Siege Elephants? I wish I could go back to the game. Next time… Thanks!

I was playing the Haudenosaunee. Now I just need to figure out which units are dragoons and skirmishers in my civ, haha!

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They have the best Skirmisher (Forest Prowler) and the best Dragoon (Musket Rider) in the game. And in some ways the best cannon because it combines the benefits of different European cannons into one.

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If they were taking out infantry then I’d guess you weren’t upgrading your troops? Or there were other units killing them.

musket riders are aweful.

Cheaper than Dragoons and train quicker.
More HP than Dragoons
Noticeably more Range Resistance than Dragoons making them less weak against their only counter.
More speed thanks to an upgrade.
A bit less attack but stronger modifier against Artillery.

Looks good to me.

5 more hope is meaningless

the faction has no train fast card

the dmg is straight up awful, the 1 thing dragoons have to do is do dmg.

bonus dmg vs art means nothing, it still isn’t an effective anti art unit.

It was Age V and all my units were fully upgraded but I was sending waves of Tomahawks against the fully upgraded siege elephants. Wrong unit I guess. They did some damage, but were mostly getting wiped out. Then I’d send cannons to take out the Castles that Akbar kept building nearly as fast as I could destroy them. And on their long journey to the Castles, the cannons would get decimated by the waves of elephants. Live and learn, haha!

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These cant be Siege elephants, these are Howdahs, its a Dragoon basically that can counter musks decently and slaughter cavs, even gendarmes, thnx to its incredibly high attac and HP (A hussar dies in 2 shots/gendarme probably in 3 or 4)

In any case Siege ele or Howdah , u can go with halbs+skirm combo

It’s not just 5 extra hp, with the warchief aura and all card, MR have more hp than British or Port dragoon with all card. Their 30% RR also give them higher effective hp vs ranged damage.

Which can be mitigated with the Fertility ceremony to train 224% faster at 25 villager.

Damage wise even fully upgraded they lost to Brits or Ports dragoon at 45 vs 53, but with the War Ceremony their damage reach 57.

This I agree, no ranged unit are good at countering artilery due to their 75% ranged resist. Ranged cavalry have slight advantage due to they are ranged and move fast.

if you are buying an anti melee cav unit (your only gold costing unit) then HP vs ranged isn’t exactly the most important thing in the world, the unit needs to be good at killing enemy melee cav and it isn’t.

having to constantly micro between this, the pop dance and the dmg dance aren’t exactly great and it doesn’t make up for a whole lot.

You are absolutely correct. I kept looking at the siege elephant graphic and it didn’t really match what I had seen on the field. The Howdah is what we were fighting. We should have paused the game and taken the time to identify the unit and plan a better attack, but we were swept up in the frantic excitement and just kept pushing forward. Thank you!

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haha ! I use Howdahs myself, they are great! TBH and very less people know about it or how to counter it,
Also it has 1 area damage in melee mode ! so just skirms are not enough as they will get stampeded by howdahs in melee so u need a halb/melee cover (although Howdahs one shot all hlabs/pike)
So quantity of skirms and halbs per Howdah is more important than anything, coz less pikeman cant defend skiems! and less Skirms cant kill howdah