What bonuses could Romans have?

What do you think they could have?
Because bonus from AoE1 are already in game, like 33% reload time in Japan.

I guess some militia/infantry reduce cost or upgrade free.
Something good for scorpions?
A somewhat stone bonus, faster recolection or drop 10% more?

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I think the devs will already have made up their mind about that and should be testing the civ’s concept with the bonuses and unique units.

But here’s what I’d love to see:

  1. Since they are the earliest civ on the aoe2 timeline, they should obviously get a great starting bonus. Something like either +25 of each resource or +100 wood (both applied after building the first town center for nomad puposes like it’s done for all other civs now)
  2. A militia-line bonus. A lot of bonuses are already given to other civs (as you mentioned with the reload time) and this will also depent very much on the effect of the Centurion.
  3. A Scorpion bonus. Either armor or attack could work and are not given to other civs yet. Something like either +1/+2 attack or armor in Castle/Imperial Age.

Of course a lot of other things could be added as well, those 3 just seem very fitting in my eyes, but everything will also heavily depend on their tech tree.

I suggest to check out robbylava on YouTube. We did a built together for late Romans, his one is way more creative and coherent, while mine was a little different, more straightforward…

Romans (from 284 to 7th century)
Defensive civilization known for its infantry

Militia line units cost 60 food and 30 gold, skirmishers and spearmen lines cost gold instead of wood and food respectively
Blacksmith’s attack techs for infantry and armour upgrades for archers double their effect
Outposts can shoot arrows when garrisoning military units, units garrisoned in outposts heal 8x once herbal medicine is researched
Fortified walls and ballistics free (once reached castle ages)

Unique units:
Legionary (heavy infantry unit, upgrade from long swordsman, available in the imperial age from barracks, bonus against buildings)
Centurion (heavy cavalry unit, available from the castle in castle age, gets stronger the more units it kills in a row, bonus against infantry)

Unique techs:
Foederati (available in castle age, you can train unique units of your allies from the castle)
Fasti consulares (available in imperial age, wonders of your team generate food)

Team bonus: units behind a wall get 25% less damage

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