What built-in mods what you like?

Would you like there to be built-in mods for starters?

If so, what game setting options would you like to see? As in built-in mods. They can be turned on and off by simply clicking default game to turn off all built-in mods in a lobby. The built-in mods don’t need to be downloaded since they are part of the game already.

I’m not sure if mods are still fixed in lobbies to be downloaded at the moment.

Some example…

Feitoria Diplofish Mode. Makes fish last forever and allows everyone to make a feitoria. For Diplomacy games.

Noob Mode. Each player gets 100 of every resource a minute.

I dislike all of those. I would much more prefer things like Small tree mod as base part of the game. Also things like the improved tech tree UI mod. So you can get much more info during the game if you dont know something. Those are much more useful as part of the base game to me.

Most of Salamanderbot qol changes.

He only showed them off in a scenario, or are they also real mods to use in SP and MP games?

He only showed them in his custom scenarios