What camera do you use in AoE IV?

What is your preferred camera in Age of Empires IV?
  • Classic (Original, more zoomed in)
  • Panoramic (more top down tilted, more zoomed out)

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Why am I asking this? I just want to know if most people prefer the new camera just as much as all the casters out there.
I for one, don’t like the new camera, to the point that I find hard to watch casted games because they all seem to use this camera because it shows a little more map.

I think I’m in the minority, but I could be wrong.

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The main problem with me and AOE IV’s camera is not the zoom but that is angled too high, almost like a drone looking straight down. When you play other RTS for a while and come back to AoE it’s jarring.

That’s one of the reasons you can’t see water, snow, puddle, etc. reflections. It’s a very weird aesthetic choice that angle. Weirder to realize that as you zoom in, the camera changes to a more pleasant angle.

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Classic has a nice angle, but is sheet-azz close.
Panoramic is at least a bit more zoomed out (not enough!!!), but the angle is sheet.
It’s like choosing between different politicians to vote for.