What can Goths do to counter Post Imp Byzantines with trade?

Granted, the games I played were a high resource, black forest thing (and sometimes Diplo). But what can Goths do to stop post Imp Byzantines with trade? The Goth infantry flood is basically useless against them, since Cataphracts murder them with ease.

I remember a game where a guy rage quitted as my Cataphracts lay waste to his infantry hordes as if they were nothing. To make things even worse, I as the Byzantines spam bombard towers and stone walls.


Celts can do nothing either.


best unit you can do is hc and meatshield like hussar but if byzantines make a combo with skirm or arba no way you can win and even if they go for full cataphracts if they are trade it will be very hard to deal with

if it’s a team game, maybe try to target another player?

in general I feel Goths aren’t a strong civ in such settings. if an opponent has >70 strong cav, and there are strong ranged units out too, goth spam doesn’t work anymore. (At least for me.)

Siege, castles and ranged units in the right areas and numbers, even if they’re weaker, they’ll still mow through the cataphracts, - use cavaliers in hit and run tactics to help hold them at bay and try to keep about 10 monks handy, try to use the flood where it’s most useful - as for taking on bombard towers, you have to be careful and take them down slowly, no rushing unless you can get around such a wall - that being said, portuguese unlimited walls and bombard towers ftw

My suggestion is to make these your civ and allies -

Teutons, Byzantines, Goths, Portuguese

Teutons for a healing fortress formation of
29 teutonic knights, 21 hand canoneers,10 monks, square formation, stand ground,
+20 teutonic knights + 20 palladins and a flood of scorpions, Siege onagers, bombard canons and any amount of palladins as needed

Byzantines - cataphracts and supporting goth huskarls against quicker archers with cheap skirms and some pikes if needed to help against ellephant types

Goths - anti archer/building huskarls and mass of anything generally needed to flood against any weaknesses while healing at the healing fortress when needed -

Portuguese - 10 feitoria +19(219) pop in a 200 pop game for unlimited walls and bombard towers for maximum defense

This is some really OLD SCHOOL AOE II

Nothing. This goes for 1v1 too. If the Byzantines manages to tech into catas and can mass some of them goths simply die, no matter what

This civ comp can make somewhat sense if you play this on some closed map like arena, but byz should gor for fast imp arbs, portoguese either for fast imp arbs or fc organs, teutons for boom into halbs + siege (and eventually pala switch) and goths boom into flood.
What you wrote there doesn’t make much sense.
Ofc if you are playing arabia this civ comp would just straight up die to the most classic civ comp with good cavalry pockets and good archers flanks

It’s meant for all maps and all map types.

The strategy in general has many variables, and how you start can vary in many ways depending on map and area, the end-game will generally be almost always the same however.

On a map like team islands the ports would effectively act the same and defend the whole island while supplying unlimited wood to the team and changing the strategy as needed depending on enemy movement, Teutons would use fireships/demoships/bombard gal for the initial take-over of water and the eventual push into enemy territory alongside byzantine fireships and goths would help with an initial flood into enemy land when a clear space is made and ports will help to keep that land with unlimited walls and bombard towers after defense of home is ensured. If I remember correctly the goth navy would probably do well with galls and demos until they tech into flood, and, once on the enemy island, the endgame strategy shown above comes in for a strong army to take over and defeat the enemy.

On a map like arabia there are many more variables about how you may start, and those vary as often and as many times as the enemy strats may vary and more. There’s no real consistent way to approach it in one fashion, but it would be good to learn at least 2-3 different booming strategies with a side of offense from everyone to create a good offense together while focusing heavily on defense and boom in how you build your buildings - such as farms - 4 tcs surrounding a single castle - and a second castle within range of the first to add to the defense and a fifth tc on the opposite side of the second castle for another batch of farms for up to 50 farms total, very well defended against basic raids - among other defensive uses. (The 4 tcs would either be set up against each corner of the castle or a farms length away along the sides between the corners to fit farms on the inside and still keep them in range of the other tcs and the castle, this will dissuade physical unit attacks under a certain number and cause heavy losses to any enemy that rushes in unwary. In higher resource available games can add in bombard towers around the castles’ edges to increase defense further of the main eco.)

In the original game halb + hand canoneer would work well, and goths have heavy scorpion as well. Hand Canoneer is usually on DE though because of a big delay on their attack meaning you can’t micro them properly anymore, and their bullet velocity seem slower making them miss more…

Assuming goths has trade too, Heavy Cavalry Archer (they are faster and tankier than hand cannoneers) plus an infinite halb spam as meatshield. Get villagers near battlefield building barracks.