What can we do to have AoE3 a competitive game in tournaments?

AoE3 is a too complex game and this issue keep it away from tournaments. This complexity could be simplified by making the game lighter but without lose the game esence. So i want to open this thread to take ideas from you. But i want to proposal some too.

  1. This game has too many cards. And there are so many of them that are useles. So i would want to propose that many of these cards will be fused in one, turned into updates in buildings, or simply deleted.

  2. To eliminate unique habilites from european natives and replace them, so every natives do the same thing. (0.35exp/sec for example). Too every native could be updated with the same update and no each one with his one

  3. Delete native embassy or royal embassy and doing that natives could be created in forts or taberns

  4. There are many politicians to pass era. Many of them never are used. If they are not reworked, they should be deleted.

So far my proposals for the moment. I will hope by the yours. Many of these changes dont need to be applied in one patch, but little by little to put these changes in several patches and see how the community is reacting.

I think if the unnecessary complexity of the game were eliminated, this game could be in tournaments next year. And remember, i speak about unnecesary complexity, not abour doing the game casual.

Thanks for read.

These diverse contents are the reasons why players like this game. I think the real reason is the difficulty of watching AoE3.

Players are familiar with civilizations, so choosing politicians, cards, technologies, etc. is a momentary click and then the selection ends. After a while, suddenly there were cavalry, suddenly there were wagons. The audience isn’t necessarily familiar with this, so it’s easy to fail to understand what’s going on and why.

The simplicity of AoE2 brings a better experience. When you see cavalry, it means that the player must have built a stable.

What AoE3 needs may be a UI specially designed for watching the game. When the technology is researched, the card is sent, and what the content is, being clear at a glance in some well-designed panels.


Exactly besides an enhanced Spectator UI, we also need great casters and personalities.

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That’s basically reverting the whole game…
Cards are like technologies. If you watch AOE2 you still need to be careful about whether a player researched wheelbarrow or armour. That would make the same unit perform vastly different.

But I do think it is possible to ban some cards in tournaments or only allow certain picked decks, though we may not have a community large enough to reach a consensus.
Maps are also carefully picked for tournaments. That would not be a problem.

@ArrivedLeader22 i have tried to make it quite clear that I do not want to simplify the game.

I want to remove unused content that makes the game look more complex than it really is

Of course it would be ideal to balance pve and pvp separately, or simplify some contents for pvp.
But (1) we may not have a community large enough to reach a consensus (2) some options may suddenly become viable with minor changes, just because the complexity the game already has, and that’s somewhat difficult to predict.

I think the cards that are part of the meta are more or less 30%.

The rest could be transform in updates, merged or deleted. I said that. I dont want AoE2.2

A useless card could be used if turn It to a update in a building.

Yes, you can rebuild the whole game, but without losing its essence…

Of course, aoe 2 players are not familiar with the ships, so it is difficult for them to follow the game…we as we are more accustomed to them,it is easier for us to follow the game…

Yes, the only ones we know who can fulfill that role are Aussie Drongo, Samurai Revolution, Mayorcete, Foquitamann, etc etc etc … but it is not that they are well known that we say…