What can we do to nerf Hausa

We all know that Hausa is just too op, I feel they would be balanced if we took away the ability to get Dervish and reduce the amount of export that they receive from universities, trade post, etc. It’s just crazy how many great units they can produce in a short amount of time and are able to quickly mass because of their large amount of export. The only way for someone to defeat Hausa seems to be when they send villagers to kill their cattle, otherwise they are just unstoppable. What else can we do to make them balanced?

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o que e quebrado nas civilizações africanas e justamente obter ‘‘influencia’’ nos postos de troca ou caixotes , ter um 4º recurso facilita demais pra essas civilizações, o que faz parecer que eles recebem atualizações e unidades de graça e que ao contrario da exportação dos asiáticos que mais difícil de ser adquirida.

ao meu ver os africanos deveriam ter menos meios de obter ‘‘influencia’’ veja por se só como a exportação e difícil de ser obtida só a uma carta de 300 de exportação na era 2. na minha visão deveriam remover cartões que tem caixotes de influencia ou receber 100 de influencia a cada carta da metrópole e por via da universidade e do gado.

They were just unnecessarily nerfed again, they don’t need another nerf. Their lifidi got a significant nerf and they now receive shipments slower, also 4 vill card removed and replaced with 3 vills.

Yeah the change to 3 vills over 4 makes them less interesting overall in my opinion. Before I would either go 4 cows, 2nd explorer or age 1 palace. Now 3 vills is probably best

It’s worse for ethiopia becuse for them they just flat out removed 4 vill card.

Normally went 2 vill + abun with them anyway so no change to my opening. Haven’t played Ethiopia this patch yet

I don’t really miss the 4v for them, just send 3 abun instead now they’ve been buffed. I think making the abun 2 pop was bad though.

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