What can we expect on the closed beta (AoE 4)?

I think at the time of beta there will be only 4 nations. 1 (English), 2 (Mongols), 3 (Delhi sultanat), 4 (Chinese). I don’t think there will be France (maybe it’s not finished yet). But about the cards I think there will be all 3 or 4 (1 to 4 players) or AI.
At least in the trailer I saw 3 players that were yellow and 4 that I think should be green I have not seen yet.


Yes they will give us 4 civilization to play or after finishing the France they will give 1 campaign of Normandy to play


cant wait but I was hoping more civs honestly.


As Aoe2 player definitely I want more civilization as aoe 2 got dlcs aoe4 also get dlcs after lunch


I agree with you, but due to the fact that they make each civilization unique, dls will not come out so regularly.

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They will take time to launch dlcs or they launch campaigns

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Personally, I much prefer the aoe4 approach in regard to # of civs: make fewer, but make each of them very distinct in terms of gameplay, architecture, technology, etc. While aoe isn’t a perfectly accurate game, I really appreciate any extra effort that goes toward designing the civs with accuracy in mind


Yes, kind of risky to let people try the new civs and pretending they won’t say anything. But it’s more than enough! Can’t wait to play it!

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I can’t wait to play too

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Don’t even think they will give the 4 civs instant on beta. Probably only 2 and in another phase of the beta they will include more civs.

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It may well be (@zypho1984). But in such a situation it will be (British and Mongols) 2 years ago they were shown.

I would much rather pay say $25 to $30 for the game and have it slowly update with HQ content piecemeal. Say campaign 2 a few weeks after launch, tease civ 5 or 9 whatever a few weeks after that and have that be really satisfying to play tested by us the beta players and they release a polished, satisfying civ and campaign that is “certified” by the community


Do i need to have a Xbox account or with mi steam account i can participate in the beta?

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i think the number of civs will be less than ao2. The civs in ao4 is more distant between them, like SCII. But i hope at least 15 civs.

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(@Conrado1865)The developers have already said that when the game comes out there will be only 8 sivs.

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I don’t remember anymore, but I gave my xbox account and my steam account. If you are invited, you will play through your Steam account.

Maybe 8 in the beta so we can help balance. I’m sure they have their pros balancing at the top level but balance at for everyone else is important, remember cannon rushes in sc2… or even tower rushes in aoe2
pros stomp it easily but for everyone else its just frustrating and not fun at all.


That’s true, I’d rather have some few civs in beta, after all we are here to help finish developing the game. Let them release with full civs when the time is right. So the game is well done, and minimizing errors, bugs, or whatever comes.


How can we get to participate in closed beta??

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The Age of Empires: Fan Preview Recap! – Age of Empires.

(If you are invited to a closed beta, then a letter with an invitation will most likely come to the mail that you indicated).