What civ has the most appealing UU in Early Castle Age and Elite UU (may be separate)?

  1. With which civ are you more than willing to build a Castle in Early Castle Age and switch to the UU rather than going for the generic unit?

  2. With which civ you are more likely to switch into the Elite form of the UU leaving behind a bunch of Castle Age generic units?


  1. Sicilians - because their UU can be built from Donjons also, which can be built in Feudal Age.
  2. Secondary UUs - Genitours, Condottierri, Longboats, Slingers - since they do not require you to build a Castle first, which is the point of the topic
  3. UU unlocked by another tech - Flaming Camels, Imperial Camels, Imperial Skirmisher
  4. Cuman Mercenary Kipchaks - inconsistent


  1. Konniks from Kreposts
  2. Frank Castles

My picks would be the Mangudai in Castle Age and Elite Longbowmen in Imperial Age.

Edit: It makes sense that all units on the 1st sublist are on the 2nd sublist. That is, I will rush to get Mangudai and then upgrade to Elite Mangudai. On the other hand, I may not rush to get Longbowmen out, but I can leave my army of Crossbowmen and rather switch to Elite Longbowmen.

Choice between Arbalester and Foot Archer UU is easy since Arbalester upgrade is cheap, but you have to keep in mind in late Castle Age if you want to stick to Knights into Paladins or switch to Elite Leitis, since affording both upgrades will backfire.

  1. Conqs, Arambai
  2. Mangudai (while I think I would leave behind a lot of castle age generic units when I also can have a elite UU)
  1. Arambai, Conquistador, camel archer, mangudai, huskarl, jannisary
  2. Mangudai, woad raider, berserks, camel archer, Magyar Huszar, Keshik, rattan archers

Forgot these 3 on my list. Same sublists as yours.

My meme list: 1. Karambit 2. Elite war ele

Actual list: 1. Kipchak, konnik, mangudai, jani, conq, arambai, boyar, camel archer, kamayuk, throwing axeman (come on guys like literally every 2nd Frank spams these guys to support their cav)

  1. Boyar(since i generally use cav as support for slavs), konnik(depending on the situation), mangudai (do you guys seriously train CA as mongols?? Wow i have literally never seen that), berserk, huszar, woad raider, camel archer

Isn’t it cool how many uu we actually have that are viable compared to the old days? And how many civs are actually balanced within reason?

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I guess you didn’t understand it. If the cav you are talking about is scrush, it’s okay. Otherwise the series of steps:

  1. You hit Castle Age as your civ.
  2. You place the Castle within 15 seconds.
  3. You start pumping out your UU before any other military unit.

If you are pumping out Knights and TA both in Early Castle Age, please let me have your build order.

Migth be a long feudal :open_mouth: