What civ would you play more but you dont for whatever reason?

I would play cumans more because ofthe capped ram in castle age but I use to be the archer flank player in my team and when I am the pocket I forget about cumans and pick khmer…


After Lotw release i played with the sicilians and they feel super OP with their bonus damage reduction so I play them a lot even thou they are weak overall. I would like to play persians more but they are missing somthing, the UU is useless and in many cases you dont even use it. The archers are bad even thou they have the UT but are missing bracer (they are only good in imp with 0 gold but that scenarios rarely happen).

I would love to play Aztecs more, but my weird brain gets annoyed every time I see their army with either medieval Swordsman or medieval Arbalest, which makes no sense :’(.

Also I miss a more accurate building design, more colorful, but that’s “okay” I guess haha :



I love the southern italian history and culture, so I would play a lot of sicilians if it wasn’t for the donjons–>serjeants–>more donjons–> more serjeants mechanic. It’s too silly for me.

Hopefully they don’t se much use in pro games, that overall gamestyle doesn’t seem to be strong at all. I hope they don’t buff that aspect of the civ.

I’d play Burmese more if they had at least the second archer armor upgrade so their skirms wouldn’t be totally useless in late game.

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I’d play every civ more but I have to work to much.

I’d like to see the devs nerf job requirements and buff pay rate I feel like that would fix the primary issue, making the game more playable over all.


I’d play Byzantines more often if they had some kind of an early game bonus. Like starting the game with +10 of each resource or +25 stone or something like that would be really nice imo.

I don’t care what I play as long as it isn’t Khmer, Vietnamese or Malay


sicilians arent designed to only play searjant donjon and repeat. If you play them full cav (scouts into knights) than u will have no counter (xbow dies fast vs knights with full armour and first attack) and monks arent a problem either since a few scouts can make sure work of them. Also you can engage and win against bigger numbers of enemy pikes (even thou they are not very cost efficient it is good to destroy your enemys army completly since they wont replace it). On the other hand, if u cant push someone in a direct battle u have the option for first crusade (the searjant in castle is weak but 35 of them can definitly win a battle and killl ur enemy

I would play Malay more if I knew the map is mostly Land but contains sage ponds. Infinite two handed sword an spawn is one of my dreama

I want to play Huns more but my stupid ■■■ needs to get better at houses hahahahaha

I would play Koreans more but damn…

I would play Cumans if they wouldn’t be so weak in imp

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I would play Spanish more but I just don’t like the fact that they are missing the crossbow upgrade.