What civilization did you love playing as?

Assyrian, Babylonians, Sumerians. There the best 3 out of all.

Choson and Hittites were my favourite :slight_smile:

@gamlu said:
Assyrian, Babylonians, Sumerians. There the best 3 out of all.

Choson, the civ i most played due to chowar and so it became also the favorite for any dm. I was quite enjoying playing persian too, badass elephant !

@InvalidCola said:
Choson and Hittites were my favourite :slight_smile:

Cola from zone ? o/ we have a discord we did for “choson enthusiast”. https://discord.gg/MhbE8yj
Though everyone is welcome.

Shang for those sweet, sweet cheap villies. Choson was super fun too, and Palmyrans also had those interesting villager upgrades. Minoans with their bowman rush were fun too! 11 range in Bronze Age…

romans greeks hitties choson and in no order either

I liked yamato a lot :slight_smile:

Assyrian, Babylonians, Sumerians same! Greek and egyptian either!

Phoenicians. Wood booming ftw.

Edit: That said from a pragmatic perspective Shangs cheap vills would basically beat anyone in RM, and for DM the ridiculous Hittie tech tree reigned supreme.

Romans usually

Assyrian, Sumerian, and Carthage to be honest ^^

@AssyrianAxeman Khayat gabra

Depends: In Island maps you either choose Hitties or Phonecians. And I mostly played Island maps with my father, so I have to choose these ones :slight_smile:


Minoans because they’re like… elves… with… boats. Untouchable but fragile archers and boat spam and a farm bonus on the side. Good times.

I Also enjoy Macedonians for the extra Line of Sight making early game scouting super easy.

I Also enjoy Yamato for Horse Spam Lol

I also enjoy Phoenician for Ele Spam Lol

I also enjoy Greeks (especially in the UPatch) for goofy fast-shuffling Hoplites

I also enjoy Sumerians for well-roundedness plus industrious catapults

I also enjoy Romans for the cheap building spam letting you be recklessly expansionist, plus the super high damage spammable swordsmen

I also enjoy Palmyrans cuz those expensive villagers sure are productive if you survive long enough, and Camels with a move-speed bonus sure are fast, which makes them pretty good at defending against enemy cavalry raids on your valuable villagers

Greeks, and Romans were always my go to picks. I love the Greek, and Roman cultures very much, so i excursively played them. The fact that the AOE team is redoing this game is giving me all kinds of memories. Thank you so much for the hard work, and effort!

Phoenician: ships have the faster firing rates ingame, it means you can shoot down enemy ships very quickly.

Also the elephants! :lol: tough cavalry and love to see them killing everything.

Hitties for their catapults.
then minoen

Greeks,Macedonians. :smiley:

Choson were fun (cheaper priests and good towers make for nice turtling), and the overpowered Hittites.

I played the game when I was 7 so I had very little interest about gameplay bonuses, I tended to play civilization based on the culture appeal. So I enjoyed the Greek and the Roman civilizations (played a lot with Minoans and Carthaginians as well).