What civilization do you want the an upcoming event to be about?

  • Aztecs
  • Berbers
  • Britons
  • Bulgarians
  • Burmese
  • Byzantines
  • Celts
  • Chinese
  • Cumans
  • Ethiopians
  • Franks
  • Goths
  • Huns
  • Incas
  • Indians
  • Italians
  • Japanese
  • Khmer
  • Koreans
  • Lithuanians
  • Magyars
  • Malay
  • Malians
  • Mayans
  • Mongols
  • Persians
  • Portuguese
  • Saracens
  • Slavs
  • Spanish
  • Tatars
  • Teutons
  • Turks
  • Vietnamese
  • Vikings

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We have one with Calvary archers. What about one with no Calvary archers? Vikings?

What if I told you a completely new one which isn’t on this list? :wink:

Honestly, those events are nice to have but they seem me more fluff than really add something to the experience.

I would like to hear about their DLC plans more.

Please don’t come with that famous interview, I know that one, it just states that they don’t have plans right now for new civs.

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Honestly, I don’t want new events for a while. It’s not that I don’t like them. It’s the opposite, I like these kind of events, but having a permanent state of temporary event (a different one every month) takes away the charm of these kind of things.
Probably it’s part of an agenda kind imposed from Microsoft or World’s Edge, but now they ran out of themes for the events and are throwing random ones like “medieval technologies” or “mongol conquest”. It’s not special anymore.
I would rather have 4 or 5 events a year for christmas, halloween, chinese new year, etc… or for one time events like the recent 100 year aniversary of the canonization of Joan of Arc.