What civilizations would you like to see in this game?


I’m torn. On the one hand, I love the ancient civs and would love to see those. On the other hand, setting the game in the Medieval period opens the door for a lot more technologies and military units (i.e. gunpowder)

I’d be fine with the original civs of AoE I, AoK, or AoC. It would be nice to add civs like the Parthians, and some from Subsahara Africa


Andy, why do you hate us Europeans so much? :stuck_out_tongue:


I love you all very much. I wasn’t trying to post negatively about you. Just positively about the others. :slight_smile:


Some ancient civilisations such as Greek, Roman and Egyptian have not survived till modern era and some modern civilisations such as British, American, Persian, Russian, Japanese, emerged later but alive even today. Some more popular cultures flashed in-between i.e. they were neither ancient not did they survive till the modern era - such as Aztec, Mayan, Incan, Mongolian etc. And then there are India and China that witnessed both the ancient and modern times. Hence, while the civilisations in the previous versions of the game were good enough, one addition that needs certain inclusion is India and after that any other that you may deem fit. After all, you cannot ignore 1.35 Billion Indians forming 18% of world population having more than 20 widely spoken and written official languages with the most spoken Hindi at 320 Million and the average of 7 to 8 million, each having distinct and ancient history and culture. Even 5 million is more than the population of many other present day countries that AOE already has. So, for the love of AOE, do not miss India in AOE IV.


I want to see some of the civilizations that were around in the time period the game takes place in. Unfortunately that means some nations would be completely missing/historically inaccurate if they don’t cover all ages.


indians -mughal empire


india-Hindu natives & trade surplus on india,quest& search for india
mughul empire…
indian magics,snakes,tigers…,mysteries,special priest power etc


Hard to say if the era isn’t really nailed down yet. The time period itself really does dictate who may be present, given that a lot of favorites may simply not exist in certain eras.

With that said…

  1. Maurya Empire (Indian kingdom that faced off against the Greeks). Or really, any Indian faction that is not the overwhelmingly British-Raj styling that we found in AOE 3. If it’s going to be an Indian faction, make it Indian and not “colony of someone else”.

2 Japan. Because, samurai.

  1. British (because you can’t have empire with Briton!)

  2. Rome, if we’re going back further in time.

  3. Greeks (ditto)

  4. Byzantium

  5. France

  6. China

  7. Scandinavia

  8. Celts

  9. Persians

  10. Teutons (only because they are my favorite in AOE 2, but really, I’d be happy with any European faction styled after this one. Crusader knights and castles FTW!)

  11. Mongols