What devs should do to improve game and their reputation?

Well, after fan preview reveal of the game and overall extremely mixed impressions from gaming community, as for now game and devs really have pretty mediocre reputation in the community around game, MS and relic, that can hurt sales for game.
What devs should do to launder reputation of game and themselves, to improve overall opinion and interesting around game? Because for now game has very controversial opinions and tons of disputes around game. I even see many want game failure and predict that it will be dead on arrival and relic will ruin another RTS franchise.
I think it’s pretty bad signal for them. And they need immediately work on reputation improvement if they don’t want game flop.


That is mostly down to the marketing team. I don’t know who was responsible for marketing but they didn’t do a very good job. If you do a deep dive and read between the lines the game has a lot of potential, but it really didn’t come through in first impressions. I don’t think the marketing team really knows how to present a traditional rts.


I’ve to say one thing I must give credit to the developers is the amount of interviews they do with a bunch of YouTubers since the fan event. I think I’ve seen at least 3 different interviews so far, and I love that interaction with us the players.

Other than that they should take every feedback from the players and see what they can do with it, in order to make it even better. We still have the beta invite coming out shortly, hopefully they will take that time to adjust the game accordingly to the feedback.