What DLCs would I personally like to see in the future

You advocate for Asians yet you forget Sri Lankans, many other Indians, Tibetans, Afghans? Why?

Its his personal list nothing more.if I were to make my list I would not include half of his options.


Yeah true true… You are correct.

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This has been discussed many times. The Cossacks appeared earlier. I don’t know why so many forum users think that they appeared somewhere in the 18th century. No. This was at 14-15.

LOL, you wanna base a civ on the inhabitants of one city, Great Zimbabwe?

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Tibetans are likely not going to appear for obvious reasons, that’s why I didn’t include them.

Afghans, if my understanding is correct, can be largely covered by the Hindustanis. Their UU the Ghulam was from Northwestern India and Afghan regions.

And I don’t think we need many other Indians, since we already have 4 subcontinent civs.

Sri Lankans or Sinhalese could be included in my “Glory of the Spice Kingdoms” DLC proposal.


We could change their name to Shonas


Why not just the Bantu?

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That’s a too broad category


You mean like “Slavs” or “Turks” or so? I think it will be hard to add every African tribe or nation tbh.

Also the devs should adress the white units, its kinda racist that Malian villagers look like that, well all units are white/caucasian in this game. Regional architecture is nice, some basic units would be nice too. Like Rise of Nations.

Slavic people already have 4 civs.
Cumans, Turks and Tatars are Turkic, while Gokturks are a popular civilization candidate.

Africa as a whole continent only has 3 civs. Sub-Saharan Africa only 2.


Yes, I agree.

Because half of Africa is Bantu. It’s way too broad, and is equivalent to an “Indians” civ, except arguably more so. But I already know you don’t care, because nothing outside Europe matters to you.


I would like more African civs.

Well, that’s a surprise, because you constantly say that most of them are too primitive to be in AoE2.

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I had a long thinking of it yes, I guess I was too focused on the Slav civ to being able to discuss that for the moment. But better late than never, as they say.

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Rome was once just a city too.


I just want a dlc with lots of graphics (architecture etc.). Don’t care for new civs at the moment despite the fact that there are missing civs i normally would love to see in the future. :confused:

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Don’t we have 5 civs from East Asia? Why do we need more?

Well, people will point to Europe having over a dozen, but the unsolvable problem is simply that East-Asia has always been far more politically and/or culturally united that Europe has ever been.
Unless the step is taken to represent factions in Chinese civil wars or local Japanese warlords its hard to do anything much.

Rome was the capital of an empire that made every corner of the Mediterranian sea a lake within the empire. So a very strange counter argument.

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