What do we know about the AoE4 Soundtrack?

I’ve heard that Mikolai Stoinski, the composer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is supposed to be creating the music for AoE4. Do we know any more?

I’ve always loved the soundtracks for Age games. I thought they absolutely nailed the remastering of AoE DE. It seems like they adding a greater visual impact to the AoE4 which is great, I’m hoping they retain the feel of the soundtrack. Some of my favourite memories of the game are of sitting there for hours getting lost in the atmosphere and I have no doubt the soundtrack was a big factor in that. I don’t play AoE3 because of the gunshots! I want to hear the sound of bleeting sheep, miners pickaxes and the classic AoE vibes!

I have no doubt they will spare no expense on the soundtrack front, but do we have any idea what sort of direction they’re heading in?

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Microsoft used some of it in the gameplay trailer released last Saturday.

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The music is crap anyway