What do you think about pathfinding and the new AI?

I didn’t play much, these are my initial experiences:

  • Idle villagers everywhere, especially when they gather wood.
  • Pathfinding is much worse than the original.
  • AI doesn’t gather treasures like in the original version.
  • AI doesn’t help allied players like in the original version.
  • AI hunt like the Indonomus Rex in the Jurassic World, a villager kills many animals and leaves the food there to decay.
  • enemy ai completely ignores your ai allies and ONLY focuses on you… ALL of the enemy ai (so sometimes you’ll be attacked by 2-3 enemies back to back to back
  • ally ai is COMPLETELY worthless and does next to NOTHING the ENTIRE match
  • if for some random reason an enemy ai attacks your ally (rarely happens but sometimes they do) they will STEAMROLL them INSTANTLY down to the ground with next to ZERO pushback from your ally INSTANTLY removing them from the match with NO QUESTIONS asked

Does that give enough information to show what I think of the AI?? LOLOL


Pathfinding is for me the first thing that must be adresed! Iddle villagers, villagers stuck getting resources crates and, the worst for me, units stuck when attacking or doing random movements when ask to attack. Related problem is the hunting spred randomly when attacked. This is very frustating in the early game, sometimes the whole pack fleed to a random direction.
And the AI, well, can be improved. The most annoing thing for me is the AI leaving dead bodies of animals everywhere and even coming to my base to kill and randomly spread the animals.
Sometimes I see AI villagers just chillin in random places doin nothing, and even fully armies doing the same. And sometimes AI enemies attack AI allies and the allied just ignore the 20 pikemen attacking their town center and just send armies across the map to simply comeback before their go to the enemy base. And sometimes, the AI just leave attacking buildings when they’ve got 100 or less HP. I would really love to see an AI competent and able to respond commands (you know, attack there, defend here, HELP, etc.)


I liked when in AoE2DE you could make AI fight each other, would be nice to see their way of handling a battle.