What do you think about simplyfing the equation?


we need to multiply 2.5x (0.60)= 1.5x, but for new players this is unthinkable, i think aoe3 would be better if there were a form of simplyfing the equations, so it would only say 1.5x versus light cavalry - cavalry, this would let people know that we have to multiply 2.5x0.60).

School is really bad that people dont know to multiply 2.5 (0.6)

The ones who care about damage numbers know how they work.
And your way is not valid as there are units with one but not other “umbrella” one:

  • Arrow Knights are infantry but arent heavy or light infantry

  • Siege elephants are light cavalry but arent cavalry

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so this skirm multi reform was a nerf to siege elephants, thats just not surprising at all

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