What do you think about smurfs?

i did not say they do this just to get wins.
A high elo friend mentioned he is sometimes smurfing when playing with low elo friends, trying out new builds , meme strats or just lower queue times.
My TG rank is about 13k. so there are thousands of way better players out there.
I dont mind to play against a smurf now and then. It happens just way to often nowadays.
Point is smurfing is not an AOE Problem. Most of competitive games have that issue and there is hardly a good way to fight this. I think the specific issue for aoe is steam family sharing. You can just create infinite accounts for free which might result in a higher amount of smurfing accounts than usual. When u wanna smurf in other games, you have to buy another copy of the game atleast, which is kinda ok for me. Right now it feels like im playing a new f2p game. But even those games come up with a strategy against mutltiple account creation like Warzone (phone number).

It just feels like, that aoe has a higher percentage of smurfs than other games while the community is still not the biggest

If China can do it, so does every single other country. Government just need to pass the law, and suddenly Microsoft needs to comply and there will be no more smurfs.

“Practical” in here means solving the problem directly, in a straightforward manner. Every other solution would only mitigate smurf problem instead of solving it, Microsoft could tie account to payment info but we have virtual credit card. Ban those cards for purchase? Then some would create another bank account. It mitigates the issue but still does not solve it directly.