What do you think about the D3 game mode?

“ New D3 Game Mode. D3 is an homage to a fan favorite rule set that is now fully integrated into the game. This rule set reduces rush tactics and allows players to start their early game more robustly, only allowing fighting with a single unit until entering the Bronze Age, ensuring players reach later Ages for equal battles. This rule set also bans walls and towers, making for exciting match ups later in the game.”


Its probably just a race to the Bronze Age, civilizations like Shang would excel.

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How is this related to AoE2? I dont understand

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This is one of the new game modes that’s included in the RoR DLC coming May 16th to AoE II DE.

What are these rules exactly ?

You’re only allowed to create a single military unit until the Bronze Age, if it dies, that’s it. No walls or towers either.

Personally I think it’s really stupid, and an obvious indicator that the game isn’t balanced if you have to make rules like that.


I like that they apparently pay attention to the age scene in Vietnam. In that sense I like that they are adding d3. Would be great for age2 if a lot of age 1 players were to buy age 2 and play RoR. Due to the price attached and the unclear process of deciding on balance changes I am sceptical if that actually happens.

I am a bit surprised that they apparently haven’t talked to some of the heavyweights from the age2 scene about the new DLC (T90 said that he first heard of the addition of the Romans from the public trailer).

Does anyone know the origins of the name D3 / what D3 stands for?

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It refers to ‘third age’: the ruleset guarantees that players make it to the Bronze Age, which often doesn’t happen in competitive AoE1 matches as rush tactics are so effective in that game.

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It’s basically a variation on AoE2’s treaty length feature, except it discourages turtling as well as rushing. You don’t have to use these rules in either game.

It’s actually harder to turtle in AoE1, as towers are less effective, walls are less versatile, catapults are nastier than trebuchets, and stone is a finite resource. That’s just how the VIetnamese tournament scene prefers to play, apparently.


I think the balance should be fixed and let D3 rule stay in the original AoE DE.

It doesn’t change anything in the default settings, so live and let live.

I expect players will be more confortable with turtling now that gates are implemented.