What do you think about these civ bonuses/UTs?

another one: Infantry recover HP when 2 units killed

for a civ with Heavy inf, like Vandals

Full HP returning after killing 2 units? That would be broken or completely useless based on the situation.

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Why would it be all the way? I didn’t see anything about fully healing. Personally, I would prefer making it that it recovers 20% of the unit’s health, or some other number whenever it kills a unit. Capture Age can track kills, so I assume the base game can as well.

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Lets say killing 2 gives back 20% hp.unless the unit is actively attacking this effect becomes useless.if you have a bunch of these it will become very op and hard to beat.think a huskarl flood but with faster self healing.

20% hp, not full. That would be ridicolous.

the thing is that they dont have Halberdier or Champ to balance this bonus

I like stone being needed for towers…although I like the lumber, mining camps etc…being able to garrsion especially if you get raided…

Some ideas.

  • Monastery can heal friendly units and convert opponent units, just like a monk.
  • Monks regain Faith faster by 20%.
  • Blacksmith and its armor upgrade techs are available one age earlier than other civs.
  • Dock provides 5 population.
  • Careening and Dry Dock are free.
  • Market provides 10 population.
  • Buying resources do not need commodity trading fee.
  • Selling resources do not need commodity trading fee.
  • Non-military units (Villagers, Fishing Ships and trade units), Monks and Scout Cavalry line use 0.5 pop, but the max pop cap -20%.
  • Each TC and Castle spawns 1 Villager once hitting a new age.
  • UTs and Conscription are researchable at TC but research time +150%.
  • Berry Bushes contain +100% food.
  • Huntable animals contain +50% food.
  • A Farm can be gathered by 2 Farmers.
  • Farms +100% HP, and hinder movements of enemy troops if Farmers are working on there.
  • Trees contain +50% wood.
  • Foragers and Shepherds can drop-off the food directly.
  • Hunters and Fishermen can drop-off the food directly, but work -10%.
  • Lumberjacks can drop-off the wood directly within 3 tiles from Lumber Camp, but work -8%.
  • Gold Miners can drop-off the gold directly within 3 tiles from Mining Camp, but work -8%.
  • Stone Miners can drop-off the stone directly within 3 tiles from Mining Camp, but work -8%.
  • Repairing cost -33%.
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So the villagers throw the resources at the gather site :joy:

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I will give my thoughts on the bonus suggestions.

That is an interesting idea for a bonus! I think there are 3 main areas where this is strong:

  1. All siege will have +1 range. There are other civilizations with bonuses and UTs towards this and I think this is fine.
  2. Their defenses will be very strong. Not only do Masonry and Architecture give buildings extra HP, they also give extra armor. If their effect is doubled, buildings are very hard to take down with just melee units, and you would almost always need siege for that. Additionally, double Arrowslits and double Chemistry makes their Keeps very strong. Their DPS would still not be as great as Janapese Keeps with Yasama, but they would be a lot more durable. This is strong, but could be balanced.
  3. Their ranged units; specifically, their Arbalesters. Double Chemistry would mean their Arbalesters could almost win a 1v1 vs an Ethiopian Arbalester, but the real power is against units with high pierce armor. Their FU Arbalesters would deal +33% damage to FU Paladin and +50% damage to FU Elite Skirmishers compared to a generic civilization. This is potentially a problem.

Their strength in post-Imperial Age would lie in their Arbalester + Onager deathball combined with very strong defenses, so that they are very hard to raid or counterattack while they are pushing with their deathball.

If the civilization with this bonus lacks a crucial upgrade like Arbalester or Bracer, they’d be balanced. If they do not, they may still be balanced depending on other factors. You do not want to give them any other bonus that is useful in post-Imperial Age. You would want to give them some bonus for the early game so that they don’t suck before they get to their dream composition, though. I think balance wise, they would look a lot like Goths: strong in Imperial Age, but the problem is getting there. Goths have been notoriously hard to balance, so I fear a civilization with this bonus, provided they are not lacking other crucial technologies, will be hard to balance as well; though it is definitely a fun idea!

This sounds fun, but I think that this tech would not be of much use in 1v1 games, while on the other hand, it can be obnoxious in teamgames where trade brings in infinite gold. Since towers don’t take up population space, nothing would stop this civilization from spamming hundreds of towers in teamgames that go on for a while. If both teams have this civilization, then both sides would be increasingly hard to push and you could reach a stalemate.

I like this idea. It is probably a bit weak for an Imperial Age technology, since in Imperial Age you usually already have a lot of Villagers and a lot of Town Centers to produce them from (unless you go for a Fast Imperial Age, but you usually do this to make military, not boom), while it can potentially be OP in Castle Age; I say ‘potentially’ because it depends on the cost of the upgrade. I think it should be fairly expensive. If I played a civilization with this technology on Arena, I would go Fast Castle, build a Castle, research this technology and boom from Houses. The Castle is cheaper than two Town Centers and protects me if the opponent is aggressive, so that is very much worth it, but may be balanced if I needed to invest many resources in the technology.

EDIT: I am thinking more and more that this UT is not as strong as it appears, and it doesn’t need to be that expensive in order for it to be balanced. I have two main reasons for thinking this:

  1. The doubling of the training time for Villagers is a big nerf, even if you have more Houses than you can spend Villagers on. The reason is the additional 25 second delay between investing 50 Food in a Villager and getting a Villager working for you. In 25 seconds, a Villager can collect some resources, and you will be missing out on these resources, essentially making Villagers more expensive.
  2. If you are not making additional Town Centers, then you will need more dropoff buildings like Lumber Camps and Mills to reach the same efficiency as someone who does build additional Town Centers.

I think this idea is creative and would be fun to have in the game. I disagree with everyone saying it is OP.

I think that is a weak bonus. I think you could even combine it with a discount, similar to the Burgundians who have eco technologies available one Age earlier and a discount, and it still wouldn’t be strong. This is fine; it means that you can give it to most civilizations without causing balance problems.

I think that is OP. You build a Barracks in Dark Age and get a free Villager. You build 2 Archery Ranges upon arriving in the Feudal Age and get another 2 free Villagers on top of that. I think that is too strong already. Not even the Chinese can get this far ahead in economy, and they have a weak Dark Age to compensate.

Also, I don’t like spawn mechanics.

Balanced and fun idea.


Yeah they look funny in some degree.
I set them a limit, since I consider that they would be too powerful if Villagers can drop-off the wood, gold and stone without the camps in any situation.

Only one I liked
They seem broken mostly thought