What do you think the Mongol buildings do?

I guess the ‘stone henge’ is a church cathedral-like building possibly. Though it is to my knowledge pre-date the Mongol empire significantly.
The Mongols also get Buddhist Stupas and Giant stone Equestrian statues which I wonder if they are fixed in place or considering the ‘stone henge’ is packable and mobile are probably also movable.
(WHich seems quite silly to me. I mean the Mongols did have semi-permanent temples they could’ve used instead carrying ‘stone henge’ around. And correct me if I’m wrong but while Buddhism did have some converts and court importance it did not seriously get into building temples, stupas, demographic change in Mongolia until things the Northern Yuan who very much could build defenses like forts and walls as did the Turks at Karabalgasun, the Xiongnu at luut khot and the Mongol Empire at Kharakhorum.)