What do you think we are gunna get in a May PUP?

So it looks like the answer to the original question is: Absolutely nothing lol


I’m afraid so @BjornViking20 we still got another week to go but it’s looking unlikely now. :pensive:

We’ll just have to hope that we end up getting something bigger in the month of June.


Conquistadores burnt a lot of info, plus they had they own bias against those civs. Like reading Romans agaisnt the “barbarians”.

Also, European powers won mainly because the diseases, not the steel, gunpowder or horses.

Back to the topic, I doubt that we will get even a june pup

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Just sort of… it was not directly because of them, but due to those elements being completely foreign for natives, Conquistadores had a huge advange in terms of shock value and mystification (some accounts say they thought that the horse and the rider were a single creature) But yeah diseases killed like 90% of the population and creating alliances with rival populations against the bigger powers also helped.

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no, its the spanish crown not the inquisition

the catholic church oppossed witch hunts, as beliefe in magic was seen as superstition. They occured in only a few instances under order of bishops (würzburg is one of the very few examples, here it was for the purpose of counterreformation) and systematic witchhunts were indeed mostly a thing in protestant regions

And who persecuted the conversos that this decree created? Hint, no one expects them.

There are also other inquisitions such as the Goa Inquisition that directly targeted Hindus.

Ah yes, only a few instances that were the largest and most prolific like the Würzburg witch trials, the Trier witch trials, the Fulda witch trials, the Bamberg witch trials, the Loudun trial, and the Basque witch trials (conducted by the Inquisition). This Catholic claim that witch hunting was just a Protestant phenomenon is completely false. There were Catholics and Protestants on both sides of the atrocities and in opposition to them.


Another week passed…still no news.

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This situation is like a double edged sword
Maybe big update with lots of contents in future
Maybe end of the support (i hope this will not happen)


There is update on steam literally every work day for a month now.
But there is not a single word about what it is.
Seems too much work for some simple fixes.


boi you should base your knowlegde on more than monty python. the spanish inquisition is very different from their popcultural apperance

In Catholic Spain and Portugal for example, the numbers of witch trials were few because the Spanish and the Portuguese Inquisition preferred to focus on the crime of public haresy rather than the crime of witchcraft

they werent, also the ones in bamberg and würzburg are so interconected they are basically the same. you disregard for example the long lasting impact of witch trials in protestant swiss kantons (last witch trail in europe btw) or probably the most famous in salem

about the Hexenhammer: The theological views espoused by Kramer were influential but remained contested, and an early edition of the book even appeared on a list of those banned by the Church in 1490. Nonetheless Malleus Maleficarum was printed 13 times between 1486 and 1520, and — following a 50-year pause that coincided with the height of the Protestant reformations

In modern historiography witch trials and the hexenhammer are seen in the context of reformation. itsn ot disputed at all dude; reformation at that time was religious fundamentalism and reformation literally meant restoration of the old.

How about let’s not resort to strawman arguments?

That’s also not my point. It was argued that the Inquisition only targeted Catholics which is false. They went after Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Protestants, heretics, and witches.

I’m not denying or ignoring Protestant witch trials. They definitely happened and they were a very bad thing.

Burning heretics instead of witches doesn’t make it any better. A lot of “witches” were not killed for religious reasons. The accusations were often by people seeking to gain power or wealth if the accused was killed.

Ultimately, witch trials were an atrocity conducted by both Catholics and Protestants for a variety of religious and non-religious reasons. Here’s a pretty nuanced article on it by a Catholic source:


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WTH is this then…


A barrage of 21 entries. I’ve seen these before but never this many. I wonder what this unknown app could be?

Totally normal. Nothing to see here.


I dont think we having a May pup.

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Maybe they plan to add two civilizations? That would explain why they took so long to add more content. Or maybe they plan to add more paid skins to the game. :unamused:

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I think they’re setting up Mythology to be playable just by switching at main menu just like Return of Rome lol.

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That’s true… the same AC Hexe is going to show some of that…

I want to believe that they are the achievements of the new dlc…

Everything can be… they can put a lot of content in at once…

And AoM retold what?..(I understand that it’s sarcasm right?)…

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I personally think that we will get the Heroes Cosmetic Pack Vol. 2. This could possibly be the hidden SteamApps. I think a new Civ is rather unlikely, since in this case we would probably have seen new branches from FE on SteamDB as well. But I could also be wrong on this point.


If they were only skins, the forum would burn…