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One problem is that a lot of content that we would take for granted, given the experience of previous games, we would think there should be by default, but they were not released immediately, what I mean is that having a lot of experience with past Age of Empire, some things that are being added now, should be discounted, without the community telling them, even the complication of the RTS in managing the units in the UI and things of this kind, which thinking that Microsoft has the game in hand, should be more present, since I think the funding is there. I still love Age of Empire 4, but after 1 year of playing without stopping, I’m getting tired, even playing the story, I’m sorry some mechanics have been removed, for example being able to see through the fog of war nearby, when you hear noises, which would not be a cheating, since you can still hear the enemy units by putting the camera in the right place, even the Villages that mine, and when deer are killed on the other side of the map, even talking about the models of the units I have of the models of the buildings, too small I have too big, a lot of diversity and usually the model is also wrong when clicking, do not mention the small delay of movement of the units, which is not as responsive as games like Starcraft, and the camera that sometimes zooms little, sometimes widens too little, not having a dynamic environment, such as day night dynamic lighting, shadows etc., problems with the attack of some siege engines that sometimes block, walls that cannot be placed or have bugs after being removed and tried to replace and much more, Another thing, when the Romans place a relic in a port, at the destruction of the port, the relic disappears forever, without making it reborn from the starting point, which I would take for granted.

Another thing I don’t like is that we have little feedback from the developers, we have news after months but nothing continuously, we don’t know if they listen to us or not, we only have their releases, which many times are not even things that the community would like, I understand there is to do for many, but I find it bad for players who are really interested in the game, Why you don’t create a faithful community

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polls have been constant

Would be nice to see those things fixed… Original poster isn’t wrong


on input delay, its been measured around 50 miliseconds, for comparison, and this one is ugly, og aoes and starcraft are at 1 milisecond, and yes thats in single player skirmish, no multiplayer to add to it
as for how feedback is handled and missing features, ig ensemble, forgotten empires and tantalus have spoiled us big time, and relic simply cannot outdo what was done by those

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