What does "Awaiting Update" mean?

On the page for known problems (https://www.ageofempires.com/support/aoe2/aoe2-issues/) the developers have written the above concerning a a few important issues. Hotfix or we waiting 30 days for another patch?

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I would assume that they would release a hotfix, but maybe they are waiting for a few of them to bundle them together.

that said, do not take that as the actual answer.

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I would guess they made a fix for the bug, which would be live with the next patch. That is probably after a month, since even in previous month there was no hotfix.

That would be a catastrophe for the game and the community. Teamranked games need to be fixed immediatedly to not lose players.

If they leave it a month 1000s of people would quit the game. The community is getting impatient, if they can’t play the game they’ll just leave.

I also hope they do fix all the cheating, … within the month.
Knowning they didnt had a hotfix with in May for all the exploits, i dont have high hopes.

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