What does everyone think about giving Villagers attack-move?

So, in large combats Villagers often forget to fight even when they’re pretty good at it (especially Coureurs, and very especially Canadian vills/Phanar Revolution-buffed vills/USA Overmountain Settlers). This can be really frustrating. I know the devs experimented with a Villager-attack-behavior-altering card in the past with Dambe Wrestling for the Hausa (vills charge into melee when told to attack) but even that is still really tough to take advantage of without attack-move on vills. It would be really handy if the attack-move button were added in for convenience’s sake.

However, this could push Villager-combat-oriented strats into more viability which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Very few units truly counter vills and it could be obnoxious having certain hard-to-counter strats more common in the meta. For this reason I can see maybe why it wasn’t included in 2005 and hasn’t been added since, so I was wondering what everyone else thinks about it today. Would the tradeoff of “more convenience when it matters” for “potentially really irritating meta until nerfs roll in” be worth it?

I hate how villagers go into combat automatically after some patches ago. Not funny when defending forward bases