What does this card? i don tknow what it does

the info in the card says that llama now weighs .50 instead of 1 but when i select the community plaza it still says that llama is 1/25.

if the card makes that the villagers weighes only o.50 instead of 1 , please be clearer

Llama normally counts as 1/4 of a villager (you need 4 llamas to get same effect as 1 villager), this makes them count as 1/2 of a villager instead, they still take up same worker space in plaza they just provide more benefit (plaza with 4/25 llamas is same as 1/25 villagers, this makes plaza with 4/25 llamas same as 2/25 villagers)

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i think the card must say llama now counts as 1/2 of villagers instead of 1/4… so it would be instanly clear

Yes, the wording on the card is confusing and does a poor job of telling you what it is for