What does this hotkey?

i dont understand what this hotkey does
when i have selected units i activate the hotkey and ashigaru are selected after i press hotkey each time.
if i select again all units using mouse and press activate the hotkey again now general kishiro is selected and i press again is general kishiro still selected.

The fact that General Kichiro gets selected might be a conflict with your hotkeys or a bug of the campaign. The hotkey “Find all of the same selected type” selects the same type of unit across the map. For example: You select a single ashigaru musketeer then press the hotkey and now you have all your ashigaru musketeers anywhere on the map selected. It’s very useful!


ok then the translation should be: “seleccionar todas las unidades del mismo tipo en el mapa entero”

Agreed. The name in English is not very intuitive either.