What Elo are you?

Apologies if this as been done before but I was super curious to know what the skill distribution is of players who actively use this forum; in particular I was wanting to try and get a sense of how (or how not) representative this forum is of the overall player base. So yer what Elo are you currently in RM 1v1 ?

  • <600
  • [600, 700)
  • [700, 800)
  • [800, 900)
  • [900, 1000)
  • [1000, 1100)
  • [1100, 1200)
  • [1200, 1300)
  • [1300, 1400)
  • [1400, 1500)
  • >1500

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My Elo ? It’s over 9000

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Fascinating, over half the respondents are over the 75th percentile.

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I don’t want to vote because I think that my current elo (High 1000s) is likely innacurate, due to me very rarely playing ranked games, but almost certainly being a higher elo. Maybe if you added an option for people who rarely or never play ranked?

Just over 1100 atm, though it fluctuates between 1050-1140ish

You should have added 1500-1600, 1600-1700, 1700-1800 etc… til 2k

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No, less options :joy:


That would have covered all ELO ranges…

Though I don’t think ELO says much.
I know people with 1400ELO who ONLY play Arabia with strict buildorders and I have a friend with an ELO of 1400 who ALWAYS bans Arabia and never uses build orders.

Same ELO but completely different takes on the game…


Assuming all answers are honest, the very fact of posting such a poll here heavily biases the results

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I don’t play ranked games but I may have to start. Just been a casual player for the last couple of decades

Yes, I believe that was the whole point of the poll. To see how the users of this forum are different to the average player base. If you want to know the actual distribution of elos there’s a website for that.

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For the average it’s even simpler. It’s 1000, since any exchange of points is a win equal to a loss

Yes. Another reason the poll may be skewed is that low Elo players may feel embarrassed and choose not to answer.

Or they even d9nt care about elo so they dont visit the forums


That’s actually quite low. In other games I’ve played, the impression you get from the online forums is that if you’re not in the top 1% you’re terrible, and if you’re top 0.1% you’re kind of okay at the game.


That’s because other games have a much larger playerbase of causal players that plays “ranked”. I have been playing this game for 20 years and am “only” in the top 10% of ranked while I played hearthstone for 2 years until I got into the top 0.1%…

Most neewbies play lobby games or singleplayer or perhaps teamgames with friends while there are people in ranked who already had 10k+ games on voobly before DE was released…

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Not voting is an option lol

Exactly! The grassroots level out there is incredible. A typical average player has seen the great games of the masters, is fed up with playing, knows a mountain of tricks, knows how to counter your units, and a long etc. From about 1400 in this game a player compared to other casual games, would be a super expert. I have 20 years of experience playing the game, but I play it intermittently, that’s why I barely exceed 1400 and although I am not an expert I think I have a high level, and yet in this game I am one of the many

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im high 600s but im pretty trash at the game id be better if i would learn the hot keys lol.