What exactly comes with the deluxe edition?

can the Coat of Arms be use to buy the beer stain?
can someone explain to me what is this:
Player Profile portrait, and Monument

Im not sure, but would like a physical collectors edition with hard copy manuals and maps and such.


I really want to know too, considering it costs 25 CHF more than the normal edition.

I expec tmonument to be a (gameplaywiese) useless building you can build in the setting.
Coat of arms most certainly for your MP profile. I think the beer mug thing is over.

it would be nice if some one like a mod could ask someone who knows

Yes, the custom stein was a limited item in the Xbox Gear Shop. Not sure what the monument thing is either.

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thats sad, i unfortunate lost mine cloat of arms before i could buy the stein…

It would be nice, if a beta key would be part of the pre-purchase goodies :smiley:
That way the waiting time would feel much less long …

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I think it’s weird that they want people to pay for a deluxe edition without giving us the proper information about the extra content you are supposed to get.

I’m not giving them my money unless I know exactly what it is that I’m getting here.


thats enntirely fair :smiley: I gues s they will tell us about that in detail around gamescom in august