What files are safe to delete in the cardinal - movies - source

I only play online, I don’t care about playing the campaign.

The two folders in source have

What files would be safe to delete, thanks.

Why not just fiddle around with it? Back up the files you think you can delete-- delete them from the file, try and run the game.

If it breaks restore those files and try again.

If the exe is dependent on those movies being there-- perhaps replacing those videos with a 2 second clip of a video of a kid running into a stop sign with the same file name. See if that works. Shrug.

Hello, thanks for the reply. I tried but it seems I don’t have ownership of the location to remove the files. I used Reg script to gain access, just doesn’t work on these files.

I’m using AOE4 from gamepass so microsoft default locations are hard to mess with. Wish I had it on steam lol

I sent in a ticket to ask how to remove the extra language files, so I hope I can remove that at least.

Ah, did you buy it on MSstore or steam? I actually haven’t messed with or even looked at the steam files for AoE4, so I cannot really speak to that at the moment.

But iirc, Microsoft’s DRM pretty much prevents you from doing anything to those files.

Might be SOL on that front.

But that is certainly a good suggestion to remove those videos to save space – or at the very least have it streamed.

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yeah, I got from the gamepass.

I did notice this,

The download size shown on the Microsoft Store is the maximum amount of space the game, which is 93 GB. This is the space required if all game languages were downloaded. The store requires that this space be available to start the download. The actual download size will depend on the number of Preferred languages in Windows and will likely be smaller.

I looked and checked to see if my Windows 10 has any extra language packs, but don’t see any in the settings. I’m lost why AOF3 installs these extra files.