What happend with map banning?


if you play 3v3/4v4 ranked it is possible to ban one map.

Is it normal, that this map banning sometimes doesn´t work? In the last weeks it happend two times, that I got the map I banned.
Is the system ignoring the ban, if there are to less players in the queue?

I mean it is okay, but lowers the fun a bit. Especially if you ban one map and then end up playing this map with people who probably all favoured this map.

It is not normal.
But sometimes, after requeuing, the game “forgots” the last ban, and you have to check it again.
If you are 100% sure the ban was checked and you got it, then you should submit a bug report.

In the current state, removing your only ban will not change queue time, because there is always at least one map that nobody has banned. (9maps and 8 bans in 4v4, 6 bans in 3v3)

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Thank you for your answer and your explanation!

So I am going to report this.