What happened to the Sage of Empires page?

Does anyone know what happened to the Sage of Empires page? The last post is back in March

Did she get sacked? She wrote in kind of rambling, cursory and annoying way.

What do you mean? I read the article you posted because I wanted to check out that annoying way of writing but it wasn’t like that.

Read the rest…
Anyhow, what happened? She got sacked?

You mean the rest of her articles? I’m clicking on her username and all over the screen to access her userpage of something, but nothing comes up. If you could provide a link for the rest of her articles in which she came off as annoying, I’d appreciate it.

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So? Where are her pieces of writing? I want to see them.

@Gargarensis Sage is in a Cage it seems.

There you go.

LOL you mean the kind with stripey uniform and the shitty food? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would you care??

Did you have a crush on her PeakHornet? Why is this even a discussion?

I’ve read all of them and I didn’t find any rambling, cursory and annoying statement.

Because they made a big song and dance about her page and now its gone deathly quiet. She added peanuts in terms to the richness of the materials on the page. Amusing to see how its crashed and burned.