What happened to the volume of the Aboriginal people in the Americas

First of all, I absolutely respect the language of the forest race (the new name is too difficult to remember, please forgive me for call such a name, for politics correctly), the language of the villagers not only whisper and the syllables are sticky together, like a background sound, should it be normal? Re -recording?, Every time I felt i have been mute. Can people who is ethnic can express their opinions?


“The forest race”? YOU COULD’VE JUST GOOGLED IT! You say you have full respect, yet don’t put any effort into showing that respect.

They’re people, not DAMNED WOOD ELVES! SMH, “the forest race”…


The forest race :joy: I laughed way more than I should have at that.


Iroquois and Hodínöhšö:ni:h It is difficult to write these two words for a non english -native speaker :face_exhaling:

20 characters.

Would Hauds work? :thinking: I personally dont think Haudenosaunee is particularly difficult but for those that do

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You mean sioux and iroquois ? :upside_down_face:

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To be fair, while “Haudenosaunee” is the correct term for the people commonly called Iroquois, it is a little on the longer side as far as demonyms go.

Still, couldn’t you at least write it down while looking at it in the game UI?

Just call them haud, easy. No different to how I call other civs e.g. brit, otto, ger etc.


No need to be facetious

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