What happened with weekly strems on mixer?


As title said, There aren’t stream since April 11, and we don’t hear info on AOE2de and Aoe IV.
Is Microsoft going to prepare something special for E3?

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As far as I know the weekly streams are still ongoing. Sometimes however we don’t hear they are cancelled. I haven’t heard anything about the stream in 30 minutes, so it should go on as scheduled.

EDIT: It looks like the stream was cancelled. I’ll reach out to the community team and ask about the next one.

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I really don’t understand. This is a very sad communication

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The AOE community manager left Microsoft in mid March as per their LinkedIn.

This is more than likely the reason there have been no streams and why AOE was pulled from the Xbox show in March. Can’t release news or do streams without a dedicated community manager.

Hopefully they get the position filled ASAP and there will be news at E3.

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Just to clarify, Joe is the community manager and still on the job. Jenn, the community coordinator, is the one who left the community team for another job at Microsoft. With news expected for AoE II DE soon, I would also expect that a new community coordinator will be announced soon as well.

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My apologies, I had the roles reversed.

Also a quick call out the AOE 4 trailer just hit 10 million views on YouTube. A milestone worthy of sharing some news?

10 million views for a game trailer is almost unheard of and to think AOE 4 did it with just a logo and no content.


Age of Empires Is One of the most awaited games ever


Any updates for this thursday?


Unfortunately not. I think @DiScOpHiL0922 hit the nail on the head with the community coordinator leaving the team.


Hope to see something at E3.


I think that E3 is not so important. It would be enough and really good if developers would publish some screenshots and blog about current state of the AOE 2 DE and AOE 4 from time to time. Maybe even ask feedback about graphics/features. There are a lot of interested people in here who could help.