What if 2 horses spawned on the map?


2 horses spawn along the median line between the two bases (similar to the way boars spawn).


To use a horse it must be mounted by a villager. A villager can mount the horse, travel around, and dismount the horse.

Horses do not have an allegiance like sheep. They are merely animals that can be used for travel. If a mounted horse is attacked and killed, the villager dies but not the horse. In fact, there is no way to kill the horse. Once dismounted, the horse does not produce a line-of-sight but can be seen dimly through the fog of war.

A mounted horse has no attack ability. Its only attribute is that it gives the villager the ability to move at the speed of a horseman.


A scout spots the opponent building a market. A villager is sent to the middle of the map to mount a horse and build an outpost at the opponent’s home market at the far corner of the map.


The opponent has almost completed their stone walls. A mounted horse squeezes in undetected just before the walls are completed. The villager rides to the corner of the map and begins to build a proxy base.

Sure, why not. I do like proxy bases. Kind of fits into my goal of seeing more dynamic dark ages too.