What if monks could heal cannons?

What if monks could heal cannons?

Now people might rush in and say… that would be OP! But would it really be OP? Hear me out. The repair would cost wood and gold, just like if a builder was doing the repair. The repair would take the same time as if a builder was doing the repair.

The only difference? The monk heals, even if a skirm is throwing arrows at it, but the builder runs around. Monks stay in formation, and sometimes have their own keybind. Its just more… economical from a control standpoint to have monks do the job of healing (like they are supposed to) and there is even precedence for this. Monks can “heal” fish traps and farms and spend wood. Why not cannons? I can understand not being able to repair mangonels, but the cannon has a man pushing it around. If he gets cut with a sword, he needs a monk to bandage him, not a builder to hit him with a hammer! :frowning:

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The villager is repairing the cannon.
Monks will never heal siege.

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But why do cannons count as siege? They have a human visible in the animation, unlike all other seiges. For that matter. what about petards?

I have said this could be a Burmese bonus.

TBH I would rather just buff the burmese UU. Arambai honestly suck. I would give them thumb ring. Civs that have a ranged UU should by default get thumb ring if it benefits their UU.

Healing siege is counter-intuitive

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Because they are a bombard cannon. You are not killong the dude moving it, you are destroyng the siege weapon. Also, it’s a balance reason

Oh my god no, please. We had a period of time where literally everyone on arena would go double castle arambai and, to balance the nerf needed to avoid arambai shredding every building, they buffed them against units. The unit is still really strong, leave them alone

Right now the only healable siege unit is Ballista Elephant I think, which has a range of 6 max (5+1), healing something that has more than double seems a bit too strong, even considering that monks can heal 4 tiles away (8 if Teutons).

By this logic you would need to allow monks to heal Organ Guns (Portuguese UU from the Castle) because of the man pushing it in front of himself.

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You know what? I have always wondered why the organ gun can’t be healed. It is a unique unit. Also, its soooo easy to kill.

Because it’s a siege weapon and it can be repaired

The only siege weapon (even if is mediocre vs buildings) that can be healed is also the only one that needs food and not wood to be trained.
Interesting. :face_with_monocle:

Ballista eles are just a weird hybrid. They are also affected by cav armour, and can be converted without the need for redemption. Which is the last thing you would want to happen to organ guns/BBC tbh.

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By that logic cav archer need to be repaired by villagers xD

There was no logic, just a fun fact.

Doesn’t make a difference btw, BBC are so easily killed, a monk can’t change that by healing.

I think the game design needing vills to repair siege is fine. I don’t see why there should be an exception for BBC as they are basically the high end class of siege.

Another fun fact:
All archers (non gunpowder/skirms) that do pierce damage require wood and gold except the Elephant Archer and the Slinger.