What if the Chinese Great Wall tech didn't cost Stone?

It’s fair to say that Great Wall isn’t a very good tech to get in AoE2 because it costs Stone, which could be used for another layer of Fortified Walls. While it helps their towers, it’s highly debatable as to whether or not such a thing justifies the cost, and usually it doesn’t since towers are usually destroyed by units that outrange them or have too much pierce armor.

So, just for thought, what if Great Wall didn’t have a Stone cost? Would that make it too good? Would it still be something to skip?


Considering stone walls and towers are bad in the majority of games, I think the tech will almost always be useless.

I would say this will greatly buff chinese in closed maps, where choked point can be blocked effectively without stone. I am not fond of it.

Yes I agree. I think one of the way can be reduce the stone cost by half. So that it can synergy with Mayans Team Bonus: Walls cost -50% and make a meme play. And as least it still need stone to build which is quite different from 0 stone

I think OP means to make remove the stone part of the tech, not make stone walls cost wood


Stone walls are literally a life saver in the late game due to the prevalence of hussar spam. Having an asymmetric raiding advantage is quite useful.


This. There’s no way that I’d approve of a tech that lets you construct Fortified Walls with Wood. But the Great Wall UT having its Stone cost removed and replaced with some other resource would make it more worthwhile.