What if we had a Rotating Game Mode?

Think about like a league of legends rotating game mode, a queue dedicated for game modes aside from ranked matches and death matches, and that specific game mode could rotate weekly or monthly. Much like the new challenge maps (Barbarossa Brawl, Mongol Raiders) this would keep the game always fresh and keep people coming back to it frequently.
Here are some game modes ideas:

-Empire Wars;
-King of the Hill;
-Sudden Death;
-Capture the relic;
-Defend The Wonder;
-Wonder Race;
-Score Race;
-Time Limit;
-Last Man Standing;

This would come with all their own maps (three maps?) unique to this game mode and none of the maps could be banned or preferred. In my opinion these are all really fun game modes and most of the player base doesn’t even realize they exist which is a shame!


i think an alternate ladder which rotates through these game modes could be interesting, but i don’t thionk it should replace anything else. i don’t think Time Limit/Score Race/Wonder Race should be included.

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I totally agree. Of course we have the lobbies for that but there is some avoidance to joining lobbies you’re not fully aware of what’s going to play. having this ladder is not only an incentive to try out new things but also something fresh away from standard play.

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I agree with the concept, it would be cool & fun.

I myself would (and did) propose having 9 distinct map/mode pairs in in each cycle of the Rotating Game Mode que, and giving people bans:

I like the game modes you’re proposing.

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Already proposed a similar thing in another thread. I think adding another queue and rotating the modes isn’t necessary. Instead just rework the DM queues and add 1-2 (rotating) maps per gamemode, maybe make the queue bigger and move BF from the RM queue there. Also have a flex slot for “fun” but not necessarily competitive maps like Migration or Megarandom. Then give infinite bans.

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I think that would be fun. However it needs to fit as a single map in the standard rotation or perhaps put it in the Deathmatch que.
The player base is currently not big enough to have several different ques as wait times would increase…

Is there a way to know how many people are online around the world in the game?

Here you can find AoE in the list and see how many are ingame right now as well as the daily peak.

It shows 16k current players, that’s really not bad man.