What if we had trained a hero in a wonder

I think it would be good train one uniqe hero in a wonder for example mongols can train Genghis Khan, Celts can train William Wallace etc. Hero can train again when he/she die.


I would like. Is something that I don’t think would be unbalance because in a normal game nobody build a wonder… just for the lols…


Yeah normally nobody build a wonder because it’s useless conquest mode but it would be fun and good especially these heros have some skills.


i liked that idea, wonders can be useful in ranked games


Hero should spawn once, at the moment you finish build the wonder but not trainable. It is anti-climax that you can train a hero if he dies…


If hero spawned once, hero should has health regeneration.

Heros have it by default

I don’t think anyone is going to spend 3000 resources for William Wallace in a ranked game but it would be funny

Wonders giving bonus or spawning hero units is done in many mods,not very useful tho.

A wonder is much too expensive to be worth the creation of one hero. Not even just in actual resources spend, but in villager build time. You can have, what, three castles and an entire army of unique units for that same cost?

It would essentially mean putting developer resources into something that is only ever useful as a “get out of my game” option. (or as a scenario editor kind of thing, but you can already do stuff like this in there right?

I mean, I am a bit anti hero units in general, I just don’t like the concept that much in an RTS, and in scenario’s where they cannot die I tend to babysit them in the back of my base somewhere after the first light skirmishes. So my view of the idea may be colored. But it doesn’t sound like a very useful option to me.

This is completely useless and not an AOE2 mechanic. First of all the wonder costs 1000w, 1000s, 1000g and so long timr, so no one gonna spend all these resources to get a wonder to creat hero! Second thing, the cost of a hero unit will not be cheap of course, so after spending 3000 resources it will not be even worthy.

This can be only introduced as a mod in the game for having fun in single player or with friends on unranked games lobbies

Wonders will always be a thing for casual games. That being said, I agree Wonders ought to do more for casual players. And so to reflect the cost and time it takes to build a Wonder, I think it would be fun for Wonders to do these:

o Doubles the effect of passive civilization bonuses.
o Automatically researches all technologies not researched before the Wonder finishes.
o Unlocks access to super economic and blacksmithing researches that are like Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age researches combined into in one. i.e. a wood upgrade that is like Double-Bit Axe/Bow Saw/Two-Man Saw in one research.

Wonders already basically do all of that.

If you have wonder victory enabled, that is.

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Wonder cost is balanced around the fact it can potentially make you win the game. Making wonders useful outside of standard victory condition would require to give them stupidly OP perks. Ie.This would be a nightmare.

If you want to be brutally assaulted by hordes of LEL that are triggered by the fact Britons would get even more range on their archers this is a great idea 11

Wonders already have the added benefit of being the ultimate flex at the end of the game when opponent lamed you and you still won, right before you finish off their last unit you can build one just to say ‘I still beat you with resources left in bank GG no re’

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