What is going on with the AI?

Especially the Allied AI. They keep camping in base and don’t help at all in defending nor attacking. For example in the earlier game I’ve had, my Allies (Dutch and Inca) didn’t send any unit to my aid when I was getting attacked by two enemies at the same time. We were dominating the game up until that point as one of the enemies resigned so it was 3v2.
Personally, I expect the AI to be more reactive to events happening on the map and I would like to see more team work between them, like attacking the same key area at the same time, I don’t think it’s natural to keep telling them where and when to attack.


I agree, I’ve noticed some positive changes on this week’s patch, but I think it can still be improved:

  • Current AI doesn’t build trading posts on trade routes.

  • I think the AI could build more forward bases to gain more map control.

  • Might be hard to implement but, the AI could learn to build walls to protect its colony.

  • Villager control is still chaotic, they have too much idle time and they often forget to utilize their estates/mills on later stages of the game.

  • The army control is still kinda clunky as well, had a russian AI sending all of its troops near my base (where its fort used to be), for no reason whatsoever. Oftentimes it would “patrol” troops between its base and where the fort used to be.

  • AI doesnt build enough production buildings, if they get attacked by lots of troops they wont be able to stop it if their main army dies, mostly beacuse they won’t be able to mass enough soldiers to protect themselves.


its true the ai still isn’t where it should be right now. I’ve been testing it out on water maps and it doesn’t seem to be able to fish boom well.

for now you can use my mod. they will attack and defend pretty well, use multiple forts, build only competitive units that will counter yours, use decent decks, and tc boom asap. makes at least as many military production buildings as the age its in, more if it has resources.

I am not sure how mods are working in this game. Are they compatible with the online side of the game? For example players vs bots.

if you use the github link and manually replace the aimain.xs file, you can play with others online with the mod if you are the host. there will also be no conflict in ranked either.

however mod manager is currently broken online.