What is going on with the Matchmaking?

I’m currently around 1700, yet I get matched with players who are <1000 elo, sometimes even less. This happens more or less every time I enter the queue and it doesn’t matter if I wait for one minute or five. It’s always the same and it seems rating has no influence in the MM at all. Obviously this isn’t fun for my opponents and it certainly isn’t fun for myself, infact I feel like an ■■■ for playing.

I only have this problem when it comes to team games, for 1v1 the MM seems to be working just fine.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this report, but I don’t know where else to post it.

are you queueing solo? how many people are you teaming with? which elo do they have?

I’ve tried both solo and with another friend who is about 1400. It’s really the same.

Dont know how matchmaking works. Maybe 1700 and 1400 teaming together is making system go crazy? We need time anyways for elo stabilization.

There have been multiple reports, that team matchmaking often distributes players so that every player on one team has much higher ELO than every player on other team.