What is going wrong with censoring in chat?

I had a game where my opponent complained about me not giving up and was trying to provoke me with things like “salty noob”, “this is the reason why are you so low rated” and so on.
So I just wanted to replay “come on you think that will get me?”.

But “come on you” was censored. So it looked like I was really insulting him/her.
Why in the world is “come on you” censored?

I guess it would be better than not to censored anything instead of getting a wrong meaning by censoring common words.


The other day the chat censored “but”. With one “t”.
It was in a sentence, I don’t remember it, so I tried to write it again and it worked, so it’s not only word censoring, it also analyzes the position of a word in a sentence or maybe other things as well.

In my language I couldn’t say “Cumans” some months ago, now I can, strange mysteries of censorship.

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I think you are right looks like the position plays a role.

Or it was censoring my grammar, because I forgot a “do” while defending from a tower rush, reading and writing :smiley:

The censorsystem is just terrible. Normal words get censored many times and make you look like a toxic player. I don’t know how they messed it up so hard.


Typically such filters are done by recognising, and censoring, letter chains. Possibly including mispelled versions. It’s even more ridiculous when the wrong language is identified.

How about disabling this filter by default and letting the option of muting players ?

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Have you tried typing “Nice Dock”?

Why they mess it up so hard?
Because that is the cheapest solution.
A moderation team costs money, having a learning AI that censors insults costs money. Having a weak automated probably pre-made one-time payment system that censors “nice dock” costs less money.
And boom, decision made.
Every improvement they make are only there to keep the game playable and sell DLC’s. To make it newcomer-friendly so as many players as possible buy the game/DLC’s.

Did we needed a new UI?
A Civ selection Screen?
Do you think this money isn’t better spent on an improved Lobby System like Voobly, or an Anticheat?

A new UI and Civ Selection is what people who don’t own the game see on screen, these are Eye candy that look appealing.

They are a company after all.
Having no Chat filter → Probably worse PEGI/chidl friendly rating or whatever → less possible customers

Simply put an option to disable the filter. Everybody’s happy with that.


Some of my mates can use swear words that do not get censored, but the very next mate says the exact same thing and it gets censored. We can’t figure it out.

Sometimes, it censors tactical info like “p3, check hole in wall at flare,” which is really frustrating.

It does even censor “p3” sometimes :smiley: I often play vietnamese on nomade and ping their tcs with “p1”…

Sometimes this gets censored as well :smiley: There seems to be no real system.

I just wasn’t able to say “yellow clock”.
it kept censoring it.
WTF is wrong with this pathetic censorship?