What is happening here? Never seen this before

So in the aoe games i am used to seeing workers cut trees closest to storage and slowly push out. What in the world is with my workers making a maze in the forest? then I manually tell them to cut trees cause they are now idle and they will hack the tree until it turns to logs on the ground and they stop there… i have animations of trees standing with logs below them, it’s like the game can’t decide if it is chopped or not and the workers are confused, i look at my ai allies and they are having no trouble with their trees.

The below links are screenshots of my forests, i’ve given up on trying to cut most trees at this point. The first 2 are mine, the third is my ally forest which looks pretty clean at this point.

Anyone seen this before? know a fix? let’s figure this out xD

wtf ive never noticed that before xD

However, I never send more than 6 or 7 lumberjackers on the same spot and scatter them around the map as much as possible so maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed.

This gets better if you place your storage pits more carefully and make sure the axis radius does not overlap those of other SP’s or TC’s too much. About 5-6 is the magic number or 2 per rock / gold block or tree.

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I’ve noticed that they do odd things like going to cut a tree that’s too far away or walking a long way. Or, they get stuck because other workers are blocking them from getting out to drop the load, but they do not show that they are carrying wood until they move.