What is happening to this game

So first of all i wanna say that the way the game is currently played is down right disgraceful.

Mongols are now french.

China is now HRE.

Abassids is also like HRE except on ##################
Like what are the devs doing, people now have to relearn the game all over again. Keshiks are down right disgusting. The speed of chinas Maa is absolute madness. Abassids Maa literally counter everything. The game has become a joke, can honestly say i since season 5 has been released i am not enjoying the game, infact, the way the game is being played now is just as bad as it was when springalds were the meta. Turtling, palace guard spamming, keshik spamming, its actually becoming amazingly boring. On top of that trade is still as good amas it was, if not better. The devs have literally done nothing for the balance of the game except break it. Slander me as you will. Defend the game as much as you want. But i am finding it hard to see any diverse strategies anymore, its so much worse than it was a month or so ago.


I must say that when there was the meta of the springalds in truth it was more fun XD


It is what has a change in season balance, which changes sections of the game.

The strategic variability thing is correct, there are civilizations that seem to be one-dimensional from what is seen and played. The problem is that there are not a sufficient number of professionals to test different viable alternative strategies.

The trade issue is your opinion. If trade was that strong, it would counter boom with 2nd TC regardless of civ and would be hard to punish trade with 1TC rush. That this is the meta is evident (2nd TC) and many players have already expressed their disagreement with the Boom Meta, but you have personal opinions that are not necessarily a problem with the game.


This comes from mobas, devs thinks that changing for the sake of change is a good idea… Well no, an RTS should seek for balance instead of faction re-design


the predictable Metaboom and knowing that a high level game will not end in feudal (except Delih) is what I dislike


They need to increase vill train time, reduce tc attackspeed, cap the dmg of tc vs light units and move building additional tcs to castle age.
There are no castles in this game and it’s still called castle age though.
They should rename it to keep-age or knight-age.


They need to slow down the game abit, its just spamming units and civ bonus are to strong

Instead of having 100 balances changes, have like 20 every couple months. Its stupid having civ 45-55% but some civs are 30-70% depending on match up.

Season 3 had the best balance all round

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Boom needs to be significantly slowed down and micro rewarded.
Increase countersystem penalty also, would be amazing!


You are the first person I encounter that has the relearn the game due to some unit changes.
Palace Guards have the same movement speed since the closed beta, that’s not new. Ghulams are strong, but Knights still deal with them well. Just take a look at the unit counter chart. Palace Guards were actually nerfed, I guess you mix many things up here.

No point in responding to him … he is both completely delusional and I bet he is somewhere between iron-gold level as well. How can such a person propose something about balance? This entire threat is non-sense …

I was just stating how the play styles of the game are at the moment. On top of that, the way trade is it aswell actually makes it easier for players to defend it, so where traders before had to make 2 trips just to get gold, now they only have to make 1 trip to get the gold. I mean dont get me wrong i enjoy the game. But the way civs are being played at the moment is cheese. China is actually very strong. On top of that the chinese great wall gatehouse is bugged. Not to mention the nest of bees is so strong. Sure china have to put in effort to get to that point, but i have also seen games where china can be aggressive from a few minutes in against civs such as mongols.

We need some changes to this game

and some new civs

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And new UUs for the HRE…


I support this and hope it happens!