What is "invalid token"? I can't publish my mod because of this

Hi. Thanks to cly0806, I eventually finished making my own campaign.

All worked fine until I tried releasing the mod.

I can’t publish my campaign due to “invalid token”.

What is this? How can I handle it?


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I often fail to publish the mod in the game or in ageofempire.com,it always needs luck to do this.
Please check the info.json or the catalogs of your mod or publish it in the morning or noon can have the higher succeess to publish the mod.

It’s due to timeout during uploading.

Thanks for the reply. Other than description (you can see that long passage on the screenshot. That’s the description.), nothing did I touch.

Well, if it really depends on luck, then nothing I can do. Haha. :frowning:

Time out? That only takes a few seconds to show that error. Is that long? Or, is that infinite loading other than my mods is problematic? I have no idea what that “Loading Mods…”, but it’s literally endless. Hmm… So buggy…!

Ah okay , if it’s few seconds then it might be a different problem.

@DodoNotDoDo your help is needed here.

Well, then I think this is the first case of a new bug associated to uploading a mod. I couldn’t find any similar symptoms so far on the internet. My AOE2DE is valid as I bought it on Steam. I don’t think there would be something wrong apparently… I think it’s a new bug that hasn’t ever been reported.

I often publish sometimes succeed sometimes fail,I do not know why it do this,it is an amazing things I think.

anytime a mod fails to upload, it’ll have the same error so you’ll never be able to tell what the issue is. maybe size, file check did not pass. i think the only ones ive seen is missing thumbnail and even though thumbnail is there, still wont upload.

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Fortunately, I did it through uploading on this website instead of in-game mode. :slight_smile:

Your game I play the 1-3 scenarioes ,the 2nd and 3rd is very good,but the 1st cannot win,how can I deal with it?