What is levelling up for?

Apart from customizing the player’s logo… what’s the use? whats the top level you can reach???

Players ban high level players in custom games because they falsely assume that HIGH LEVEL= PRO PLAYER… it only means he/she played more hours thats all…


Sometimes being high level can indicate skill, but usually it simply means that that player has done some masteries.

I was a 1200 ELO player before reaching level 30, as I never cranked through masteries, never touched campaign, or played tons of games agaisnt AI, so I couldn’t join most custom games with a “lvl 40 or higher” rule.

The level system in this game doesn’t really award you with anything, so I don’t know why it’s there. It should at least change a logo or something like in C&C games so players can tell that you play a lot without looking at your profile.

I’d go as far as saying that the level should only have increased from playing Quick Match games, that way it would really indicate multiplayer experience which could be used to determine whether you want to let somebody play in your lvl 40+ lobby.