What is the best strategy for Greenland?

Greenland is an interessting map. There are no berry bushes, but a lot of shore fish in the middle, most of it not available for fishing ships, but for villagers (around 7000 food). But there is also shore fish on the sea. The sea is frozen so ships and humans can pass it.

So I think sending villagers forward early is very valueable since shore fish is collected the fastest of all food types. Maybe 4-5 villagers on wood, 2 on gold and 20-30 on shore fish early on. The high amount of food can be used to produce military to attack the opponent, but it is also need to protect the villagers in the unprotected middle. But which military is best to produce in dark and feudal age? There is enough food for Militia/MAA and Scouts, but you could also use it for fast castle age, and produce archers instead.

And what about fishing ships? Is it worth to make fishing ships? And when? Another possibility are Demolition Rafts for the fight around the middle.

What civs are best in your opinion?

Anyway it is a great map with a lot of possibilities imo.