What is the most popular AoE:DE multiplayer game mode?

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Created By: @rhrmn

where are people playing this game now ? any DM games or is it all RM ?

Doing 1 campaign mission by 1-2 weeks… hope once I’ll come to online, there will still be some people left.

I do see a number of DM games, though most are RM

Number of games being played is dramatically low. I logged in yesterday after weeks of absence (leg injury) and noticed only 3-5 games running.

I’ll see again in the weekend, though I doubt it is any better.

To answer the topic: Random Map is currently most popular.

Pretty sure random map is the most common.

About the low pop, eh, well, during the beta I liked to open up rooms of “Coop vs AI, newbies welcome!” and they always filled up pretty quickly even though there were only like 7-8 rooms up. That said I’m not sure if that would happen atm.